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shaving tips — 20 Aug 2021

Natural shaving tips for your face and body

Natural shaving tips for your face and body

The seasons have changed and something that we may have placed at the back of my minds through the winter months is back in focus: hair removal.  Wherever you’re removing hair from, shaving is one of the quickest, easiest and least painful ways to do it.

However, you need to follow a few shaving tips to make sure that your skin’s protected. Our Shave & Tame Brews are completely gender neutral – almost everyone has hair, so why does it come down to gendered products? – and provide you with natural hair removal rituals. Hair growth and removal is all part of a natural cycle.

Hair removal shouldn’t be about harsh chemicals and skin damage. Shaving has been carried out as a ritual since the Bronze Age, and there’s a reason why the ritual still remains today. It’s time to refresh your shaving routine with natural, organic and effective products.

Refresh Your Routine with these Natural Shaving Tips

1. Use the right tools

One of the biggest shaving tips is to use the right tools. A clean, sharp razor will work far more effectively and reduce some of the biggest problems that can come with shaving. A dull or rusty blade can lead to nicks and cuts, as well as leaving you with stubble. It’s usually recommended that you renew your blade after 5-10 shaves. It sounds obvious but many people don’t realise that your razor should be changed regularly.

2. Soften your skin

Wet the area you’re shaving thoroughly – ideally, with a relaxing soak if possible. It’s much easier to miss important spots or accidentally cut yourself if your skin is on the dry side. You want your skin and hair to soften, ready for removal for a much closer shave so plan enough time and treat it like a ritual with steps to follow.

3. Exfoliate

Some shaving tips are overlooked when they really should make up part of your routine - one of the biggest ones is exfoliation. This helps reduce ingrown hair, slough away dead skin and creates a smooth, clean canvas for the razor to glide over. It can also reduce problems like razor burn and irritation. It also helps to keep your razor fresh, clean and unclogged which helps with a close shave, it’s all part of a cycle. This step is especially important if you have curly or textured hair, as this hair type can be more prone to becoming ingrown.

For the face, we recommend our Detoxifying Bamboo Facial Exfoliator to slough away those dead skin cells and leave a clean base. For the body, our Energising Calendula Body Scrub is perfect to help the skin regenerate and remove rough textures from the body.

4. Use the right products to shave with

You may think that just progressing on to shaving after exfoliation is the best next step. Actually, you should use a shaving cream, gel or oil before the razor touches your body. These products all help to soften your hair and the hair follicle, leading to less irritation to your skin. Spread a thin, even layer over your skin.

We recommend using either our Brushless Oat Shaving Cream to protect and soothe as you remove, the Softening Baobab Pre-Shave Oil to soften hairs and reduce irritation or the Energising Green Tea Shave Gel to invigorate your skin and help you wake your skin (and yourself) up.

5. Shave in the right direction

The direction you shave in does depend on which part of the body you’re shaving, along with your natural hair pattern. It also depends on the type of razor you’re using as some can be used safely and effectively in both directions. Take the time to familiarise yourself with your body’s natural growth, and the best way to shave for you.

If you’re using the right tools and products, you shouldn’t need to press hard on your skin to remove the hair. Putting pressure on your skin can lead to cuts and damage, as can repeatedly going over the same part of your skin with a razor.

6. Rinse

Rinse your razor to clean if off – you should do this throughout the shaving process to avoid it from clogging and becoming ineffective - and rinse the area of your body you’ve removed hair from too. Check it over and ensure that you haven’t missed any important parts. If you have, then you can remove that too.

7. Dry your skin and move on to moisturise

This is one of the shaving tips that you definitely shouldn’t skip. Exfoliating and shaving can leave the skin feeling dry. You’ve also exposed new, fresh skin to the elements so it’s important to take care of it. A post-shave balm is a great way to nourish and care for your skin after shaving (we recommend our Soothing Sea Buckthorn Post-Shave Balm to restore balance) or a gentle body moisturiser like our Hydrating Cucumber Body Milk for a refreshing post-shave feeling. 

Why Shave with Natural, Organic Products?

Natural, organic shaving products tend to provide better moisturisation and conditioning benefits to the skin and hair without stripping natural oils. They’re often more gentle and nourishing on the skin, which is extremely important when it comes to shaving as the skin can be left feeling dry. Our products harness the power of bioflavonoids to combine effective ingredients with natural resources.

Synthetic products that are full of artificial ingredients (that are considerably different from the raw materials) can cause more irritation to the skin. Not what you want when you’re exposing your delicate new skin and hair follicles to the environment. This is the same reason to look for organic ingredients – they’re less likely to include harmful chemical ingredients from the growth and manufacture process. No pesticides or artificial chemical in our organic products – they’re all hand-made on-site so we know exactly what’s in them, and you do too.

Making a conscious choice when it comes to beauty and grooming products is really important for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. Looking and feeling good should never be at the expense of the world around us, and choosing organic is a good way to start with this mindset.

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