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A Letter from the Founders

Hi, we are Brewing Beauty, where Nature and Science unite in Crafted Harmony!

As founders of Brewing Beauty Company, we're Cenk and Serap Ikiz, and we're thrilled to share our story with you.

When we entered the cosmetics industry, we knew we were embarking on a journey unlike any other. With determination and passion, we established an R&D lab led by top chemists, laying the groundwork for what would become Brewing Beauty Co. Over three years, we tirelessly formulated over 100 natural cosmetic products, driven by our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Being young, independent, local, and niche isn't a weakness for us—it's our strength. It's where our journey towards long-lasting success begins. While big corporations may seem faceless and anonymous, Brewing Beauty Co. is the exact opposite. We're humane, personal, and fully transparent. Our made-to-order approach ensures that each product is tailored to your unique needs by our highly skilled and dedicated team.

Our mission is clear: to change public expectations of the beauty industry. We're here to rewrite the rules of beauty, offering alternatives that work in harmony with our bodies and with nature. We envision a future where harmful practices are rejected by an informed public.

Join us on our journey to redefine beauty, guided by a steadfast commitment to innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Together, let's unlock the transformative power of Brewing Beauty Co. and inspire a new era of conscious beauty.

Serap & Cenk

The founders of Brewing Beauty Co. pose in the beauty bar area, surrounded by plants and a neon "made to order" sign.

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