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Cardamom Extract: Antioxidant-Rich Skin Shielding


Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum

Botanical Description: Cardamom is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, native to India and Southeast Asia.

Cosmetic Benefits: Cardamom extract is rich in antioxidants and essential oils, which help protect the skin from oxidative stress and promote skin health. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe and heal the skin. Cardamom extract also has a warm, spicy scent that can uplift the mood and enhance the sensory experience of skincare products.

Scientific Overview: Cardamom produces small, green seed pods containing aromatic black seeds. The seeds are widely used as a spice in culinary dishes and as a flavoring agent in skincare products.

Cultivation and Harvest: Cardamom plants are cultivated in tropical regions worldwide for their aromatic seeds. The seed pods are harvested when fully ripe and then dried before use.

Plant Morphology: Cardamom plants have long, lance-shaped leaves and produce small, white or pale green flowers that develop into seed pods. Each pod contains numerous small, black seeds with a strong, spicy aroma.

Cardamom Extract: Antioxidant-Rich Skin Shielding

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