The One and Only Beauty Store in Europe with Fully Transparent Manufacturing

Spanning 160 square metres, the Brewing Beauty Co. manufactory shop is located in the heart of Berlin in the trendy urban shopping Hackescher Markt District. It focuses on 100% transparent production, meaning that all products are manufactured in-store behind glass windows.

From the moment you walk into our store, you will notice an immediate difference in the atmosphere compared to any retail experience you have formerly known. Although we also make and offer health and beauty products like other commercial brands, this is where the similarities end. 

We believe that truly remarkable customer experience is no different than stage production where cast, crew, set design and tech come together to bring every line, scene, and act to life. With this belief, we treat our store as a theatrical stage where every aspect of our brand values are meticulously directed, rehearsed, and performed.

With this belief in mind, we designed our store space interior eclectically without ostentation, where classic meets contemporary, where chic meets industrial and where East Berlin vibes merge with West Berlin opulence in a space that can only be described as decadent eye candy.

In our store, we combined a mix of thoughtful moments for you ranging from placement of product stories to unassisted customer journey throughout our store mixed with heath and beauty experts and advanced technologies that will help you make decisions quickly and effectively.

Here's a quick glimpse at some of these memorable moments in our store:

Moment No. 1: Get a Beauty Smoothie at our Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar | Brewing Beauty Co.

Our beauty bar is a real gastronomy bar that offers a holistic aspect to the Brewing Beauty experience with an understanding that real beauty comes from within and that healthy skin, hair, and nails are also heavily dependent on your diet. It is a unique destination for you if you are looking to benefit your well-being and magnify your beauty at the same time through whole foods, superfoods and drinks. The Bar's menu was curated by food scientists and nutritionists explicitly for the customers looking to magnify the appearance and health of their skin and body, but without the use of pills, toxic potions, and synthetic ingredients.

Moment No. 2: Watch us make a fresh batch of cosmetics at our Beauty Kitchen

Hand-made cosmetic production | Brewing Beauty Co.

We built a hygienic small-batch cosmetics and dietary supplements manufacturing facility within our store where you can see how your cosmetic products and dietary supplements are made, tested, extruded, filled and labelled behind the sealed see-through windows.

Our production kitchen may look small in comparison to big label's production facilities, but it is scientifically designed with overall production performance and integrated safety focus conforming with EU’s health, safety, and environmental protection as well as Good Manufacturing Practices.

You can easily lose track of time while watching us making a fresh batch of face cream.

Moment No. 3: Get to know your skin at our 'Made to Order' counter

Skin Analysis by Brewing Beauty Co.

You may not know what skin type you have and how the environment and the seasons impact your daily skin condition. As a result, you may end up buying the wrong products that have limited or no impact on your skin health. We have integrated advanced skin Analysis solutions into all our collections and Made to Order products to help you select the right products for your skin.

Why don't you treat yourself and get your skin analysis this week? Your skin deserves it.

Don't wait! Go ahead and book it now.

Moment No. 4: Shop intuitively at our retail floor space

Store interior | Brewing Beauty Co.

A typical health and beauty store separates its products into categories such as hair care, skincare, etc. Being beauty customers ourselves, we realized that this type of product allocation makes it difficult to identify the best product for your needs. We believe every skin is different with some similarities and the environment as well as the seasonal changes impact what your skin needs. Nature and the environment changes all the time, and so is your skin accordingly.

Then does it make sense to use the same product all year round everywhere you go?

This is why we divided our floor space by skin types, conditions, seasons and lifestyles so that you can easily look for products that can help you without even talking to our beauty experts.

Moment No. 5: Make your own cosmetics

If you have some time, you can take home your customised freshly-made skin care product.  In 5 easy steps and in just 45 minutes, you'll have your own personal skin care product, perfectly suited to your skin's needs.

We also offer many of the ingredients we use individually, so you can experiment with them at home. You can buy them in our store or online.

Don't take our word for it

It is difficult to describe the experience you will have when you physically visit our store. You just need to experience it yourself. Therefore, don't take our word for it, just stop by to witness the difference yourself.

Hope to see you soon!

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