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Our skincare collections

Using science in combination with nature’s finest creations, we marry beauty and biology.

Your skin is alive, and that’s how we care for it. Your skin moves with the seasons, and that’s how we structure our collections. Each of our collections is calibrated to redress a seasonal imbalance and promote the skin’s own regenerative power.

A modern ikebana arrangement featuring a large yellow chrysanthemum and red berry branches in a black circular vase with a handle, embodying the essence of Brewing Beauty's Cultivate collection.

Cultivate Collection

Revitalizes tired and matured skin with the rejuvenating power of flavonoid-rich spring plants.

Inspired by Spring’s energy and potent growth, Cultivate is a collection built from protective bioflavonoids, hylauronates and vitamin C. With the season a perfect time to adjust skincare routines, Cultivate covers intense hydration and exfoliation – for shedding that dull winter coat – as well as invigorating masks and treatments to reset and prepare for summer skin needs.

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Depurate Collection

Detoxifies oily and congested skin with the purifying properties of chlorophyll-rich summer plants.

Depurate uses natural astringents to wick away oils on skin and scalp, promoting a healthy recalibration of sebum level for oil-prone and congested skin with microbiota-balancing noni fruit. Minerals zinc and copper, as well as tea tree oil, purifying cucumber, chlorella and aloe vera extracts, make for a collection of mattifying, refining and volumising products for skin and hair.

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Minimalist floral arrangement featuring a red anthurium blossom and a tall green leaf in a shallow green bowl, representing Brewing Beauty's Depurate Skincare collection.

A blue gardening trowel used as a vase, holding an ikebana arrangement of green leaves, red and green flowers, encapsulating the essence of Brewing Beauty's Radiate skin care collection through its vibrant display.

Radiate Collection

Glows dull and pale skin with the vibrant boost of anthocyanin-rich autumn plants

Combat the skin stressors of urban living with natural solutions. Radiate's butterfly bush extracted from bioactive blooms of the plant helps to protect from pollution as well as the damage of blue light from screens. Phytoactive hibiscus and echinacea repair skin from within, while heady lavender and frankincense oils contribute to inner calm as well as outer beauty.

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Renovate Collection

Remedies dry and dehydrated skin with the nourishing properties of carotenoid-rich winter plants.

Harnessing carotenoids – powerful antioxidants with restorative properties – and turmeric root extract, our Renovate collection helps to stimulate cells’ own repair mechanisms and fight dryness and aging. Combined with omega-rich oils like sea buckthorn and nourishing nut butters, Renovate works to replenish what life strips away.

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A floral arrangement featuring bright orange lilies and oranges, surrounded by green foliage rich in phytonutrients, presented in a square brown vase. Reflecting the vibrancy of Brewing Beauty's Renovate collection, inspired by the carotenoids responsible for nature's orange hues.

A dried floral arrangement featuring oat stems and ears of wheat in a textured dark brown vase, reminiscent of the natural elegance found in Brewing Beauty's Calibrate skincare collection.

Calibrate Collection

Calms irritation and rebalances the microbiome of sensitive skin, while boosting the skin barrier with pre- and probiotics.

For year-round recalibrations, our Calibrate collection uses pre and probiotic science to care for the skin’s microbiome. Working from deep within, milk-derived probiotic peptides meet organic baobab and wild indigo seed extracts, while oat lipids help keep skin healthy and natural demulcent liquorice soothes sensitive complexions.

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