Crafting Clarity, Bottling Health and Beauty

For everything there is a season, and for nature, the time is now. Our approach is radically simple – we make 100 percent natural products, which respect, nourish and support your skin’s own astonishing regeneration. Made for you, in front of you, in dedicated in-store kitchens: we show you everything, because we have nothing to hide. No smoke, only mirrors. And goodness inside and out.

As with food, fresh is best. And as with food, it’s not only about what we put in, but also what we leave out: more than 3,000 questionable ingredients, including known potential carcinogens used in processing, photoallergic compounds, endocrine disruptors and non-biodegradables. Commonly listed on labels in mainstream cosmetics, the science behind many of these is opaque at best. We don’t trust these ingredients, and we have worked hard to make sure we don’t need to use them. There are better ways, we’ve discovered.