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RENOVATE Winter Adventure Skincare Routine
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Winter Adventure Skincare Routine

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Recover after exhilarating days in the snow with our Winter Adventure routine. Formulated to rejuvenate skin exposed to cold temperatures and harsh conditions, it replenishes moisture and restores vitality. Plus, enjoy 15% savings on this essential routin

Routine №: 46

Hit the slopes to shred some powder

Protect your skin from the elements at the summit while you hit the slopes. This routine provides skin with a hearty portion of antioxidants, protective carotenoids, and intense moisturisation, so you can keep wind or sunburn, and dehydrated skin at bay.

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BODY WASH with Replenishing Sea Buckthorn Body Cleanser
Replenishing Sea Buckthorn Body Cleanser
With Replenishing Sea Buckthorn Body Cleanser for a luxurious plant-based cleanse that’s rich in protective carotenoids to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.
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Moisturise with Replenishing Turmeric Body Butter
Replenishing Turmeric Body Butter
Nurture dry and damaged skin and strengthen its protective barrier with Replenishing Turmeric Body Butter.
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Face Cleanse

Face Cleanse with Renewing Turmeric Face Cleanser
Renewing Turmeric Face Cleanser
Wash your face and neck with Renewing Turmeric Face Cleanser to remove impurities, dull skin and surface oils. Follow with a splash of cool water to clarify your complexion.
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Replenish with Replenishing Buriti Face Serum
Replenishing Buriti Face Serum
Follow with a few drops of Replenishing Buriti Face Serum to provide a generous layer of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and healing carotenoids.
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Protect with Regenerating Turmeric Face Moisturiser
Regenerating Turmeric Face Moisturiser
Finally, ensure skin hydration is preserved with an occlusive layer to secure dermal moisture, protect skin’s outer layer with Regenerating Turmeric Face Moisturiser.

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