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RADIATE Travel Skincare Routine
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Travel Skincare Routine

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Refresh on-the-go with our Radiate Travel Routine. Combat travel-induced dryness with Radiate collection. Stay radiant and hydrated. Shield against stressors. Glow wherever you wander. Plus, enjoy 15% savings.

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Board a long-haul flight and keep glowing

Courtesy of the high altitude and plane cabin air pressure, flying can deplete your skin's natural radiance. In moisture-free environments, such as recirculated air in a plane, air sucks moisture from your skin, leaving it quickly dull and dehydrated.

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Hydrate with Illuminating Hibiscus Face Serum
Illuminating Hibiscus Face Serum
Before boarding, apply Illuminating Hibiscus Face Serum to deliver enhanced hydration and light-protective anthocyanin ingredients.
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Protect with Reviving Borage Face Oil
Reviving Borage Face Oil
Reviving Borage Face Oil to form an occlusive layer, helping to seal in the serum’s hydration and create a protective barrier between the cabin environment and your skin.
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Replenish with Replenishing Echinacea Hand Cream
Replenishing Echinacea Hand Cream
Generously apply Replenishing Echinacea Hand Cream to stop your hands from becoming dry, dull and taut.
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Rehydrate with Brightening Butterfly Bush Face Toner
Brightening Butterfly Bush Face Toner
On reaching your destination, apply a liberal spritz of Brightening Butterfly Bush Face Toner to instantly replenish lost hydration from the plane cabin’s dry air and altitude.
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Restore with Fortifying Hibiscus Face Mask
Fortifying Hibiscus Face Mask
Then treat your skin with Fortifying Hibiscus Face Mask to bring skin back into balance, providing deep moisturisation and restorative ingredients to help enhance elasticity and restore radiance.

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