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DEPURATE Shave & Tame Routine
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Shave & Tame Routine

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Transform your shaving experience with our Depurate Shaving Routine, targeting oily, congested skin concerns. Purify and balance your complexion with every shave. Plus, enjoy 15% savings!

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Shaving and taming routine to calm skin irritation and quench congestion

For anyone who shaves and suffers from skin congestion and oiliness, this routine is hydrating and refreshing, quenching congestion and balancing shave irritation. These essentials equally condition and care for skin and stubble. Style meets substance.

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Soften with Soothing Tea Tree Pre-Shave Oil
Soothing Tea Tree Pre-Shave Oil
Apply a few drops of Soothing Tea Tree Pre-Shave Oil to the palms of your hands, rub together to lightly warm the oil, and massage into stubble for around 30-60 seconds to enable penetration.
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Shave with Refreshing Cucumber Shave Gel
Refreshing Cucumber Shave Gel
Apply a generous layer of Refreshing Cucumber Shave Gel directly atop of the Pre-Shave Oil. Pass your razor over your stubble, reapplying as often as necessary to pick up stray or missed hairs.

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Soothe with Softening Cucumber Post-Shave Balm
Softening Cucumber Post-Shave Balm
Rinse to remove Shave Gel and splash face with cool water to help clarify and minimise pores. Apply Softening Cucumber Post-Shave Balm to cool flushed skin, soothe razor burn and inflammation.

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