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CALIBRATE Shave & Tame Routine
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Shave & Tame Routine

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Begin each shave with our Calibrate collection, expertly crafted for a smooth, soothing experience. Nurture sensitive skin and balance its biome with each stroke. Recalibrate skin's delicate balance daily and save 15%.

Routine №: 14

Shaving and taming routine for improved skin and naturally shiny facial hair

Mediate signs and symptoms of photo-ageing with dual function, berry-based, facial haircare geared to treat the skin beneath your stubble too. Enhance skin and hair strength with an essential shave and beard care. Style meets substance.


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Soften with Softening Baobab Pre-Shave and Beard Oil
Softening Baobab Pre-Shave and Beard Oil
Apply a few drops of Softening Baobab Pre-Shave and Beard Oil to the palms of your hands, rub together to lightly warm the oil, and massage over and into stubble for around 30-60 seconds to absorb into hair strands.
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Shave with Brushless Oat Shaving Cream
Brushless Oat Shaving Cream
After a minute or so, apply a thick layer of Brushless Oat Shaving Cream directly over the Pre-Shave Oil. Pass your razor over your stubble, reapplying as often as necessary to pick up stray or missed hairs.
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Soothe with Soothing Sea Buckthorn Post-Shave Balm
Soothing Sea Buckthorn Post-Shave Balm
Rinse to remove residue and splash with cool water to clarify and minimise pores. Apply Soothing Sea Buckthorn Post-Shave Balm to help calm razor burn, nicks, and inflammation caused by shaving.

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