Formulate Your Own Exfoliator

Formulate Your Own Exfoliator

Mass-produced synthetic exfoliators can leave skin feeling dry and irritated. Create your own natural exfoliator using nourishing ingredients that soften and refine.

Over time and without regular exfoliation, dead skin cells can start to accumulate on the skin instead of freeing themselves during the cell renewal process. This can result in dry flaky skin and a dull and lacklustre complexion. Using an exfoliator regularly helps to remove dry skin and unclog pores resulting in a radiant and clear complexion that glows with health. The massaging effect of exfoliation also helps to stimulate lymph action, rejuvenate the senses and ensure active ingredients are absorbed.

A good natural exfoliant when used alongside water will work its magic better than any synthetic foaming wash. Not only will the natural ingredients rejuvenate and lock in hydration but they will also help to maintain skin lipids and replenish the skin's protective barrier. Massage gently to reveal cleansed and moisturised skin and rinse away with warm water or a soft muslin cloth.

Replacing your synthetic foaming washes with a pure and natural exfoliator that you create yourself is one of the best things you can do for your beauty regime. Create your custom exfoliator today and discover a new way to cleanse.

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